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The Tennessee Consumer Finance Association (TCFA) is comprised of 39 member companies, with hundreds of branch offices serving most cities and towns across the state.  We are the traditional source of personal credit for hundreds of thousands of hard working Tennesseans and their families.

TCFA members realize that their business conduct has a direct bearing upon the lives of many individuals and families in Tennessee and support the study of conditions pertaining to personal and family financing, the lending of money for constructive purposes at reasonable and lawful rates, and the extension of credit facilities accorded to responsible individuals and families.  To such end, TCFA encourages financial education through school studies and surveys of consumer credit, as well as home economics, family budgeting and investing, and other economic and social topics which have to do with the issues of personal finance prominent in our society today.  TCFA provides for the exchange of ideas among its members, continued promotion and advancement of the high ethical standards demanded of all who engage conscientiously in the consumer finance business.  TCFA works to inspire and encourage its members to keep alive the principles upon which this group was founded to respectfully serve all Tennesseans with helpful financial products.


§ 48-56-101(a)       Section 2.01      Criteria for Membership

Membership in the Association shall consist of two classes: (1) Regular Members and (2) Associate Members.

(a) A Regular Membership shall be available to such business entities (individuals, partnerships, or corporations) which meet the requirements of these bylaws and are actively engaged in the business of granting consumer credit in Tennessee pursuant to the provisions of the Tennessee Industrial Loan and Thrift Companies Act.

(b) An Associate Membership shall be available to such business entities (individuals, partnerships, or corporations) that are engaged in related aspects of the consumer credit industry or who provide services to that industry. Associate members shall have the privileges of Regular members, have a representative vote on the Board of Directors, could serve on Committees and hold elective office; provided, however, that Associate members as a group may have only one representative on the Board of Directors [and shall not be entitled to vote on any action of the membership].


Section 2.02

Applications for Regular and Associate Membership

Applications for membership shall be in such form as may from time-to-time be prescribed by the board of directors. Regular members of the corporation, as of the effective date of these bylaws, need not reapply, but shall continue as members.

§ 48-56-101(a)       Section 2.03      Election

Election to membership shall be by vote of the members of the corporation.

§ 48-56-101(a)       Section 2.04      Obligations of Membership

§ 48-56-204             By applying for, becoming or continuing, as a member of this corporation, each member pledges and is obligated: to obey the laws, rules, and regulations of the State of Tennessee regulating industrial loan and thrift companies; to adhere to the corporation’s code of ethics and its standards of business conduct as the same may be from time-to-time adopted or revised; and to comply with the charter, the bylaws, and other official actions taken by this corporation, including, but not limited to, the payment of dues and assessments.

§ 48-56-201

Section 2.05

Differences in Rights and Obligations of Regular Members

All members shall have the same rights and obligations, as members, except as may be set forth in, or authorized by, the charter or bylaws of this corporation.

Tennessee Consumer Finance Association 
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